*intermediate and advanced*

Our CrossFit program mission statement is “better every day.” We thrive on bringing people together and making friends! What makes us so different? We understand that every person is different, has different goals and has experienced different injuries and joint stress. When you enter our CrossFit program, you will undergo a movement and fitness evaluation that will allow us to tailor our program to your individual needs. Our program design is based on sound strength and conditioning principles and we constantly alter our program for individuals that need specific modifications.

CrossFit Compete

*intermediate and elite*

CrossFit Compete is a class geared towards athletes who regularly compete or are interested in possibly competing. This class is a good stepping stone for those new to competition and want to get a feel for what it would be like and to prepare for one. The overall idea of this class is to increase the overall capacities of muscular endurance, strength endurance, high level gymnastic skill cycling, and barbell cycling to name a few concepts. This class will follow smaller programming cycles ranging from 3-4 weeks, focusing on 2 to 3 aspects of CrossFit we are trying to enhance.



Unlimited Classes


3 classes / week