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Massage Therapy

Has it been taking you longer and longer to recover from exercise? Have you been noticing less gains and your working out harder than ever? Are you getting injured more frequently? Do you have pains in your body that restrict you from performing everyday tasks? If you said,”yes” to any of these questions Orthopedic Massage Therapy could be your answer.


Ryan DeStefano has been trained by Doctors and Physical Therapists on how to assess and help treat almost every part of the body. This highly specialized massage uses many techniques with a medical styles of approach to address your specific issues. He’s been practicing Massage for 6 years and have helped thousands of people in all stages of children with growing pains, assisting professional athletes to reach their peek performance, and the elderly with aches and pain during end of life issues. Contact Ryan today and see how Massage Therapy can help improve your way of living.

Deep Tissue Techniques
  • Sports Massage

  • Myofacial Release

  • Trigger Point

  • Thai Table Massage

Speciality Techniques
  • Energy Work

  • Reflexology

  • Digestive Massage

  • Massage for Migraines

60 Minute Massage


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90 Minute Massage


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