Our Strength programs include Primal Strength and Barbell!

Primal Strength

*beginner and intermediate*

This class was built for athletes that want to increase the sustainability of their CrossFit lifespan. This class involves 15 minutes of mobility based on the Functional Range Conditioning principles.


The idea is to ensure that the stretch produces an adaptation of controlled active range of motion that translates over to strength training (rather than passive flexibility that will not produce strength). The following portion of the class involves restoring primal movement patterns: roll, crawl, carry, balance, throw and jump.


We train these specific patterns to regain the movement we have lost overtime with sedentary lifestyle and/or repetitive positions. The strength portion of the class involves unilateral strength training to create symmetrical strength and not allow for compensations. The final portion of the class involves self limiting conditioning to ensure that any movement we do with speed and intensity does not subject us to injury.


We find that many athletes find this class when they begin to feel joint pain but we strongly encourage taking the class at least once per week to prevent any chronic injuries that high intensity fitness can facilitate.


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