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Our CrossFit program mission statement is "better every day." We thrive on bringing people together and making friends! What makes us so different? We understand that every person is different, has different goals and has experienced different injuries and joint stress. When you enter our CrossFit program, you will undergo a movement and fitness evaluation that will allow us to tailor our program to your individual needs. Our program design is based on sound strength and conditioning principles and we constantly alter our program for individuals that need specific modifications.


This class focuses on the aerobic capacity of fitness. The endurance WOD will always involve a longer MetCon that includes little to no external load. This is a great supplement to CrossFit as it enhances the oxidative energy system which transfers over to improve your WOD performance.


Classes are designed with specific populations in mind, tailoring the experience to accommodate physical needs, cognitive considerations, and overall exercise tolerance.


Our Strength program focuses on the details of improving your overall functional movement and involves mobility, stability, strength and conditioning. We highly recommend Primal Strength to those individuals who have sustained an injury, have mobility limitations and/or need more individual coaching; we therefore enforce a limit of 6 people per class. What makes the program design of Primal Strength unique is that we dedicate more time and awareness to mobility and stability training. The implements used are bands, kettlebells and TRX (rather than barbells) which reduces the complexity of the movements and allows for more attention to detail.


Movement is taught by FRC, FMS and Corrective Exercise Specialists. In this class, you will learn the most efficient way to improve your mobility. This is typically not done by stretching but rather challenging participants ability to create tension at the end range of motion. We strive to generate more active, usable motion to help your athletic performance (i.e. catch a snatch in a lower position) as well as help decrease joint pain. The more mobile a person is, the more they are able to maximize their movement potential safely, efficiently, and effectively.

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